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A Guide to Teaching Earth Education Before It’s Too Late

Well-known earth education visionary Dr. Larry Buell, the director and founder of the University of the Wild, is writing a new book and an accompanying short primer.

The book provides a much-needed roadmap and guide.book to a new educational pedagogy tailored to the needs of early 21st-century learners struggling to get ahead of disastrous environmental and cultural challenges that could change human life on the planet.

The book is for students, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and all those caring for the Earth.

Larry Buell is a living legend on Earth-based education, community, and leadership. His work to document his process and insights over the years will be a great contribution to the field.”

Dr. Daniel Greenberg, Education Director, Findhorn Community, Scotland

Dr. Buell in his study

Dr. Buell in his office

The Primer

The Earth Primer is a 25-page booklet containing an introduction to the University of the Wild and its philosophy, vision, practices, methods, and content. $15

The Book

University of the Wild: Vision, Practice, Promise: A New Roadmap for Earth-based Living, Learning, & Acting

This book presents a new roadmap for college and university Earth-based higher education from over fifty years of lived experience including diverse educational training, indigenous wisdom teachings, the best of sustainable living research, applied principles of intentional community, and collective wisdom of personal and planetary lives of teachers, leaders, entrepeneurs, and change-makers. $25

What’s in the Book

The book discusses in detail Larry’s philosophy of education and how he came to his beliefs; the experiences, the failures and successes, the discussions with students, communities, and educators.

He describes his vision for a new North Star for education as humanity struggles to transition to a sustainable Planet Earth.

He sets out the educational methods that he has developed that make lasting impacts on students and their successes as model ecologically-aware citizens and leaders in sustainable, regenerative, and just endeavors; hands-on programs and services that empower individuals, communities, and groups to live, learn, and act in deep connection and harmony with the Earth and all life.

Woven throughout the book are themes of community, leadership, indigenous wisdom, Sense of Place, and personal empowerment.

The Semester on Earth Curriculum

Dr. Buell provides full details of the complete curriculum for the university-level Semester on Earth program, the foundational introductory course of the University of the Wild. The course is a unique overview of the ecology of the planet and the human relationships to that ecology. Students gain valuable insight into understanding how and why humans weave themselves in and out of the natural ecology and rhythms of planet Earth.

The curriculum is presented as an open, flexible plan, available to anyone in the world to adapt to his or her location and circumstances.

The curriculum includes six main areas of focus:

Personal Transformation & Self Development

Natural & Cultural History

Indigenous Wisdom & Sacred Teachings of the Land

Resilient Communities & Regenerative Lifestyles

Permaculture Design & Food Security

Alternative Energy & Green Building

Why is this so important now?

The institutions of economics, religion, government, and education serve collectively to perpetuate a world-view based upon anthropocentrism, consumerism, and a mechanistic philosophy. While each institution needs to be radically changed to assure a sustainable and regenerative future, education, at all levelscradle to graveis one of the most critical. For it is here, in education, that the entrenched cultural ways are passed on to become entrenched within unsustainable and destructive lifestyles.

The transformation of education requires the creation of values, content, and methods that reconnect the individual with the very roots of one’s existencethe Earth! We need an education process that cultivates and embraces ecology and universal natural laws.

People must re-invent themselves as teachers, leaders, and transformers of culture into ecologically sustainable and regenerative ways. We must create new ways of learning and living that are guided by a balance of indigenous wisdom, interconnected and harmonious teachings of the natural world, state-of-the art social and natural science research, and personal practice so that we all may become true “Global Ecological Citizens”

I have never met a person more deeply committed and dedicated to his life’s work than Larry Buell. I have witnessed the unfolding of his leadership, stewardship of community, land protection, and action toward the Earth and all life. His writings are a vital source of insight and action for future generations.”

Heart Phoenix, Co-founder, The River Phoenix Peacemaking Center, FL

Pre-order the Books

Prior to publication, you can pre-order the books as thank-you gifts for donating to the Book Project.

All donations to the Book Project help support the production and publication of the short Primer and the complete book, University of the Wild: Vision, Practice, Promise.

Who is Larry Buell?

Larry has taught university-level earth education, ecology, environmental issues, and social justice for over fifty years.

He founded:

• the nationally known Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College,

• the internationally-known Earthlands,

• the University of the Wild, and

• the Semester on Earth and 24-Hour Experience programs.

Larry’s philosophy, wisdom, and methods have deeply touched generations of students. His insights into the human-earth bond have been a centering force for scores of people who have come into his circle, opening their senses and souls to an awareness that they live in a nature-centric world where they join/interact with many other threads that, woven together, form the rich wonder that is Earth’s living world.

Dr. Buell has an encyclopedic knowledge of things related to ecology and the environment and is a master at drawing students deeply into the fascinations, mysteries, and truths of the human-nature bonds all around them. In this book, he will show curious people of any age how to open themselves to the intrigues of the natural world all about them and how to connect the dots to their human connections.

We will teach our Indigenous Ways through the UofWild.

David “Tall Pine” White, Nipmuc Language Keeper

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