New Staff & Board

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New Staff & Board

With new partnerships and collaborations, we welcome several new people to help us grow and educate the public about our mission.

As we expand our public programming, we’d like to welcome new presenters as well. Do you have skills and knowledge in line with our fields of interest? Do you do in-person or online talks, workshops, forums, guided walks, school or group field trips etc.? Are you looking for compatible collaborators and places to do your presentations? Call us at 978 724-0412 to find out how we might be able to host or sponsor your presentation.


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Global Roots Farm

Global Roots Farm main barn and signpost

Global Roots Farm

The 228-acre Rice’s Roots Farm, just two minutes down the road from UofWild, is under new ownership. The new farm will grow food, steward farmland, and run educational programs. Through a partnership with UofWild, students will be able to get university credit from a University Without Walls program at the  University of Massachusetts for farming and gardening projects at Global Roots.

Read more about this exciting new program.

Get College Credit

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College Credit through UofWild

Through UofWild’s partnership with the LTLU program in the University Without Walls at UMass/Amherst, students can design their own self-directed, mentored, semester-long project and receive up to 16 transferable credits from the University of Massachusetts. Projects can be about any topic of strong interest to the student, in any of UofWild’s areas of interest (ecology, environmental issues, human/nature connections, food/shelter/energy, social justice, indigenous topics).

Click here for details about the LTLU program..

Ecology is the study of the intertwined relationships between all living things and the natural world.

If we want a habitable planet at the end of this century, ecology must be one of the most important fields of study today.