The pandemic spotlighted how interconnected and interdependent we are to each other and to the natural world.

Ecology is the study of those interrelationships.

If we want a habitable planet in the next century, ecology must be one of the most important fields of study in this century.

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Get College Credit for your Independent Study Project

Learn about UofWild’s Partnership with UMass/Amherst’s University Without Walls and Learning to Learn University.

Learn what you want to learn in this unique program!

Develop your own semester-long project through Learning to Learn University (LTLU). Your LTLU oversight team will provide guidance, monitor your project, and help you develop a final presentation. LTLU will help you find a mentor with experience in your field to help you with the content of your project.

When you successfully complete your project, it will be eligible for 1-3 credits from UMass/Amherst in their University Without Walls program.

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Fall Classes & Events

The 24-Hour Experience

Sat.-Sun. October 16th & 17th. An outdoor adventure that spans the full cycle of a day and night will open senses, minds, and hearts to build a deeper awareness of nature and community. Read More

Sense of Place

Saturday, September 25th.  Explore ancient stonework of the Nipmuc Nation, visit homestead sites long gone, and witness the emergence of new landscapes… Read More

Working with Aircrete

Need a garden shed or planters for your raised garden? Curious about how to build domes? Come check out aircrete, a lighter-weight, greener alternative to concrete. Read More

UofWild Work Weekend

Sat.-Sun. October 2nd & 3rd. Come help the UofWild build its new greenhouse and program space. Read More

Native American Story Telling

Saturday, September 25th.  Vivid story-telling and drumming will reconnect you to the power of culture, nature, and human creativity. Read More

Fall Equinox Ritual at America’s Stonehenge

Saturday, September 25th, America’s Stonehenge, Salem, NH. We gather together at the Fall Equinox to celebrate the culmination of the growing season Read More


Self-Directed Learning with UofWild

Work with UofWild to develop your own project for a college-level, independent study project about a topic you want to study. You’ll meet online with a mentor once a week. Work on something you’ve always wanted to learn about or something that you need to know for your job (you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion for your project).

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