Mission and Vision

The University of the Wild Vision

The world we envision is a world where planet Earth is an interconnected, natural ecological system where human beings learn and thrive in sacred harmony with all life. Inspired and informed by the Earth herself, people enjoy conscious, creative, sustainable, and regenerative lives that integrate ecological, social, economic, emotional, and spiritual endeavors.

The world we envision is a world where science and industry are mindful of the effect that they have on the health of the planet; a world where societies and governance are guided by knowledge of the importance of maintaining the balance, sustainability, and regeneration of the natural world upon which the health of the planet depends; a world where a strong human bond to nature is the prevailing mindset and drives decisions of societies, governance, science, and industry.

The University of the Wild Mission

The University of the Wild offers programs and services for people of all ages and circumstances to live, learn, and become Global Ecological Citizens who are connected and in harmony with the Earth and All Life. The Semester-on-Earth trains university students to be Global Ecological Influencers in their fields and careers, helping to shape the world’s understanding about the importance of maintaining the wellbeing of Earth’s natural ecosystem.

In the Right Place at the Right Time

The University of the Wild’s vision and mission dovetail perfectly with the needs of the coming post-pandemic era.

We are ready.

We are ready to train the leaders, influencers, activists, and policy changers. Our programs will give them the experiences, knowledge, and tools that they will need to bring about changes in harmony with the health of the planet.

We are ready to develop model eco-communities that can be replicated wherever people want to come together to live modern but ecologically sound lives.

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