2-8 Week Courses

Need College Credit?

If you want to get credit for a University of the Wild course from your own university or college, you will need to talk to your advisor and/or department head to arrange for permission. We would be happy to talk to your school to answer questions.

List of available courses with details and link to signup page

Uof Wild Courses

University of the Wild courses are more comprehensive learning opportunities that take place over a longer period of time than weekend classes.

These courses are open to everyone.

Whether you want to take the course to enhance your knowledge and effectiveness in your career or to get college credit – welcome! We’re happy to pass along skills and knowledge to anyone who can use them to make their corner of the world a better place.

Many of the courses combine more than one type of learning. Some are completely self-directed and meet online for several hours once a week with a mentor. Others combine lectures, seminars, podcasts, skills workshops, field trips, community volunteer work, gardening, and other learning opportunities with online or in-person mentoring.

Students can work with the University of the Wild to develop their own course for deep learning of a particular topic. Although this requires a good amount of time to plan and the ability to focus and work independently, the rewards can be great.

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