The 24-Hour Experience

The 24-Hour Experience

Summer 2021 – Date to be announced

The 24-Hour Experience was the brainchild of a young ecology professor whose students were rebelling against his announcement of yet another weekend backpacking trip. They wanted something different. What they got was something amazing.

The 24-Hour Experience concept is simple: to observe and become a part of all the subtle changes of the natural world during a full 24-hour cycle.

Following the Swift River, we’ll walk, learn new skills, and laugh together as we explore the diversity of nature’s ecosystems. Our sense of wonder comes alive as we slowly begin to blend into the natural world around us. Listen to stories of the land from indigenous times and early farming settlements to the future of sustainable living. Activate your night vision as we observe the transition of nature’s day into night. We’ll discover a fascinating new world in the darkness as we walk and observe nature’s nightlife, rest and refresh, and “cat nap” along the way. As darkness turns to dawn, there will be quiet time for self-reflection as we deepen our understanding of nature and our relationship to it.

  • Learn map and compass skills
  • Play under the stars
  • Expand your sensory awareness
  • Practice wildlife tracking
  • And much more!

The simple concept turned out to be a very compelling experience; immersive, immensely interesting, fun, and empowering.

The young professor was Dr. Larry Buell, founder of Earthlands and the University of the Wild. Decades later, his creative answer to his students’ frustrations turned out to be a powerful tool to reconnect people to the natural world around them and is still being replicated throughout the world. Come see why!

The 24-Hour Experience can also be done as a credit course. The credit version also includes two in-class sessions. NOTE: Course graded credit/no credit. Students must be 18 to register for this course. Prereq: None

The 24-Hour Experience Leader Training

UofWild Intensives

University of the Wild intensives are a special kind of learning experience. Each intensive is different, but all involve a concentrated learning experience that spans full days (and in some cases, nights). Intensives pack a lot of hands-on, experiential education into a short period of time – this is not book learning!

Some are residential experiences lasting from a few days to a week or more. You will be living and learning with a small group of people in a residential setting that could be in tents at the University of the Wild campus, at a retreat center, in a hostel, or under the stars in the wilderness. Others are not residential, but rather involve day-long learning experiences for a few days.

Students successfully completing an intensive will receive a certificate of completion.

The Wild Earth Intensive

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