Tiny Home EcoHamlet at University of the Wild

The yurt in our tiny house hamlet.

The Hamlet

The Hamlet is a small village tucked into a corner of the University of the Wild campus where staff, students, mentors, guests, woofers, and people temporarily in need of deep community live and learn together.

The Hamlet is both a residential area for staff, students, and visitors as well as a small demonstration eco-village where visitors and students can see ecologically and environmentally sound ways of living – some ancient, some current, and some being developed for the future.

It is a continually evolving showplace of possibilities and experiments as students work with staff and visiting experts to build new tiny structures from different cultures and eras, remodel structures with new ideas and materials, and keep current with LEED specifications.

The Dwellings

All of the dwellings will be very small and represent an assortment of small, efficient homes from from several times and places: teepee, yurt, one-room log cabin, camper trailer, and a LEED cottage built with all the current best-practices.

Some of the dwellings are owned by UofWild, some are mobile or otherwise movable units on lots leased from UofWild, and one or two might be demonstration units on loan from people and organizations working in the fields of construction or housing security. At any one time, we might have a demonstration home built from a shipping container, one designed for towns to use for housing homeless people, or one designed specifically for the elderly.

The Eco Part

The Hamlet is a teaching and demonstration village designed to leave the lightest human footprint on the land. Materials will be recyclable and make the best, most efficient use of natural resources, although there will be “bad” materials as well for teaching purposes. (think 1970’s camper trailer!).

The Community Part

The Hamlet will be home to its residents. The Hamlet village includes 7-10 tiny houses, a building housing toilet, shower, washing, and laundry facilities, a village fire circle, and a small community building with a kitchen for Hamlet meetings, classes, celebrations and rituals, and just relaxing with friends.

The Hamlet community is part of the larger UofWild Living and Learning Community built around ancient, indigenous, and contemporary concepts of an intentional eco-community. The Hamlet community is a place for residents and UofWild students to experience close intentional group living in a safe environment as well as to learn about types of community structure, governance, issues, problems, and solutions encountered by intentional communities, and the benefits of living in such a setting.

Interested in Spending Some Time Here?

We occasionally have dwellings or lot leases available for like-minded people who already have some experience living in close-knit, ecologically oriented intentional communities where everyone is expected to share in the daily work and community meetings.

Dwelling rentals for non-staff/students are by the month or season. Lot leases are seasonal or by the year. In addition to the rental or lease fee, we ask that you contribute in some way to the Hamlet or to UofWild: teaching, mentoring, gardening, grounds keeping, or using whatever skills and knowledge you have to help the community thrive.

For more information about the Hamlet, contact Joy (injoy5683@gmail.com) or Nina (kristinalandau@gmail.com).

For a pdf with application form and materials that you can download or fill in online, click here.

For more information about the Hamlet, contact Joy (injoy5683@gmail.com) or Nina (kristinalandau@gmail.com).

For a pdf with application form and materials that you can download or fill in online, click here.

Contributing to Earth’s Future

As humanity becomes more fearful and disempowered by the impact of environmental crises and social ills associated with how modern life

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