Gaia’s Breath Workshop

A Workshop for

Personal Transformation & Empowerment

in an Age of Uncertainty

Sunday, September 12, 2021

9:00 am – 5:00 pm w/optional Drum & Fire circle afterwards

The University of the Wild Yurt

73 Glasheen Road

Petersham, MA 01366

BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE and let breath guide you to heal and release that which no longer serves you.  Join Pam Kimball and Keith Harmon Snow, certified BREATH facilitators for a workshop utilizing the powerful healing techniques from Holotropic breathwork, Dolphin BREATH, Inspirational BREATH and sounding. We will use the dynamic breather/sitter pairing format, offering you the opportunity to both breath and witness, support and be supported, in sacred space. Our teacher, the late Pranarose Meiss Ph.D. taught Inspirational BREATH & led workshops internationally for 30 years.

The life-force of our breath revitalizes each cell and organ and breaks through limitations that bind us. BREATH work is a powerful, highly individualized and experiential process that uses conscious breathing to facilitate rapid, dynamic and expansive insights that lead to a non-ordinary state of consciousness, enhancing potential to access subconscious material. Experiences can include reproduction of aspects of the birth experience, induction of deep physical relaxation, emotional release, psychological understanding, revelations of an unknown past, and other expanded spiritual experiences. BREATH work is a way to open to deeper levels of loving, and accelerate your dreams, intentions and your soul’s calling!

Cost: By donation, following the program, with a suggested sliding scale of $50 – $250. (No one will be turned away for financial reasons.) Register: Please call or text Pamela @ 978-790-9476

Facilitators: Pam Kimball is an Earth Energy Healer, Dowser, Shamanic practitioner, certified Inspirational BRETH Facilitator, Geomancer and Reiki practitioner.  Pam works as a dowser, sells net zero energy housing, and helps to identify and protect native ceremonial stone landscapes.

Keith Harmon Snow is the 2009 Regent’s Lecturer at the University of California Santa Barbara. A Grof-certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, he has led many workshops. An award-winning photographer & writer working for social and environmental justice, he co-parents his 8 year old son and lives in an evolving community on an island in Maine.

* Rain or Shine: Please arrive promptly by 8:30 (to park, walk in and settle at the opening circle on time).
* Bring: yoga mat/sleep pad; blanket; pillow; eye-covering (for darkness); sacred objects; journal; face mask; loose-fitting clothing.
* Bring your lunch, drinking water and anything else you need for self-care.

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