Campaign and Archive material for University of the Wild and Earthlands.

University of the Wild Timeline

1964 Larry Buell receives the vision for Earthlands and the University of the Wild while on a personal retreat at Gibo’s Cabin, Swift River Valley, Petersham, MA

1968 Buell Family purchases nearly 500 acres on Glasheen Road that will become Earthlands

1969 First draft of the program and facilities while Buell was a graduate student at Penn State

Fall of 1969 Buell joins Recreation Department at Greenfield Community College to teach Outdoor Recreation and other recreation courses.

1973 Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc. (IEA) founded on mission to “offer people of all ages and circumstances to live and learn in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life”.

1974 IEA offers programs through the Moccasin Brook Outdoor School

1976 Buell publishes two (2) books that become the foundational principles and practices of the UofWild – Outdoor Leadership Compentency and The 24-Hour Experience

1980 Year-long Outdoor Leadership Program OLP founded at Greenfield Community College

1987 Earthlands Lodge build to house the semester long residentiaql community of ther Environmental Leadership Program of OLP at GCC.

1990 North Quabbin Farm & Environmental Center founded within IEA to offer Outdoor Education Programs and an Organic Certified Farm at Earthlands

1991 Buell travels for four months to Russia and Siberia where he produced the ten (10) Community Principles of Earthlands; the name Earthlands created in Ukraine

1993 Earthlands Community established with seventeen (17) adult members

1994 Earth Education program established at GCC within the Human Ecology Department

1997 First Master Plan of Earthlands created by noted Permaculturist, Dave Jacke and the Conway of Landscape Design graduate program with a focus on the three components of Earthlands: 1) Program Center; 2) Intentional Community; and 3) Higher Edcuation Programs.

1999 University of the Wild founded as the result of a Y2K article in Communities Magazine where it was stated by the Buell article, Covenant for the Earth that “…in the future we will go to the Catherdral of the Pines and the University of the Wild”

2006 Month-long West Coast Tour of University of the Wild with Larry Buell & Jaya Wallack

2008 First 16 credits of courses offered by the UofWild at UMass/Amherst and GCC

Native American 8th Fire offered at Earthlands

2009 Buell present the concept of the UofWild at the International Association for Experientiaql Education AEE Confeeence in Montral, Canada with remarkable support

2010 Wide range of UofWild courses and workshops offered by Co-Director, Patrick Draper and

Nika Fotopulos-Voeikoff

2012 Native Americans gather at Earthlands and propose a Nipmuc Education Center

2013 Bill Pfeiffer’s book, Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture; first Wild Earth Intensive offered at Earthlands

2015 Larry Buell & Nikomo Peartree of the Freedom School Movement offer a workshop on Alternative Earth-based Higher Education at Greenfield Community College

2016 OLP graduates and Staff, Jean Bergstrom & Kathy Dean, founders of Her Wild Roots become the first UofWild Partners, along with Earthwork Programs

Nipmuks deeded land near the “Underground Caves” to start to develop the Nipmuc Center

2017 Earthlands Lodge & Program Center sold to the Earthlands Trust to continue programs

Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. build first structure of the Nipmuc Cultural Center; NCP is a founding Partner of the UofWild

2018 UofWild and Founder, Larry Buell are involved in the planning and programs of the GCC’s Outdoor Leadership Program’s 38th year Anniversary and Reunion

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