Path of Personal Transformation focuses on personal growth and acknowledges the gift and contribution of the individual to the whole.  Programs are supported by ancient indigenous wisdom, quantum physics infused with ecology practices, personal empowerment strategies, and creativity, all designed to connect the learner with community, nature, spirit, and self.

Curriculum includes: Indigenous Spiritual Teachings, Ecology and Activism for the Earth, Personal Growth and Self-Empowerment, and Community Building Through Collaborative Projects.


Path of Regenerative Ecological Living combines “hands-on” technical skill building with innovative practices and activities that are grounded in Earth-based sciences like ecology, biology, and bio-mimicry.

Curriculum includes: Permaculture and Organic Gardening, Carbon-Neutral and Regenerative Building, Sacred Geometry, Cultural and Natural History, Radical Simplicity and Ecological Footprinting, and Ancient Wilderness Living Skills.


and local colleges and universities, like UMass, Greenfield Community College, and Lesley University. Nationally known leaders have taught at Earthlands, including, John Seed, Diana Leafe Christian, John Robbins, Malidoma Some, Jill Stein, Paul Rezendes, Eliot Coleman, and Richard Heinberg. ( this should be added in and cleaned up a bit on the website)