As of the last week, The Whitney Place has a new owner. The new owners, according to the real estate agent and the co-owners of the property, are very much aligned with the work of Earthlands and will be good neighbors.

The Core Group of the Earthlands Community Land Trust (ECLT) did their best to purchase the Whitney, but it just wasn’t quite enough. While it is disappointing, particularly since there has been much work involved in raising funds, the Core Group has learned much through this process that will be applied and implemented in ECLT’s other main projects.

The pledges received for the Whitney Place will be released, while the actual donations received, with the donor’s permission, will go toward the purchase of the John Seed Woods by the ECLT in partnership with the Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. The land will be protected in perpetuity and the Tribe can create their Native American Education and Cultural Center around the “Underground Chambers” at Earthlands.

While there is sadness in the hearts of those who worked on returning the Whitney to under the Earthlands umbrella, they are encouraged and motivated to move the depth of their learning and their expanded network of individuals and organizations to a project where the vision for a sustainable and regenerative eco-community will be manifested.

When learning of the sale, Earthlands founder, Larry Buell, in the dark of night and a swirling snowstorm, went near the Whitney Property and offered a prayer of gratitude to the ancestors and spirits of land for all that was learned from this sacred process. In addition, through quiet listening he gained guidance on the next phase of the Land Trust’s search for community – that guidance will be expressed when appropriate.

For all those who supported and trusted the ECLT’s work around the Whitney Place Project, their passion, skill, and commitment to the vision of community is acknowledged and will be recorded in the archives of Earthlands. It is with new dedication and a new level of community forming skills that the ECLT will work toward a sustainable and regenerative living model for Earth-based learning and community life.

As stated by climate change activist, Bill McKibben, when asked what do you recommend to do about climate disruption, his quick response was, “…find community!”

For the Earth and All life,
The Core Group of the ECLT