Brief Descriptions of some of our ECLT Founding Partners


1.)  University of the Wild.  The UofWild educates and empowers emerging leaders to live and learn in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life through programs and services within the Paths of Ecological Living and Personal & Community Transformation.

Contact: Dr. Larry Buell, <> (978) 724-0412



2.) The Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc.   NCP’s goals are to identify, protect, and monitor historical & ceremonial sites, acquire significant Nipmuc lands, develop & sponsor educational programs, and promote & provide resources and community activities and programs designed to reconnect Nipmuc tribal youth to the land and their heritage through natural experiences.

 Contact:  Fred Freeman, Chair, NCP, (508) 344-9685 <>



3.) Earthwork Programs.  The goals of EWP’s are to provide a safe, fun, and learning environment where participants develop a deep understanding of the natural world and its realtionship to community, family, and self through wilderness living skills, community building, and Earth philosophy.  Contact: Frank Grindrod, Founder & Director, (413) 422-0338 <>

 4.)  Hanging Gardens Trust.
 HGT’s urban-centered goals are to provide local fresh food production with ecological benefits, urban renewal through revitalization of historic buildings and job creation, and support urban farming coalitions and community development.

Contact:  Dylan Howard (207) 669-5506 <>   


5.)  Greener Earth Fund. The mission of GEF is to provide new and established organizations and Earth services personnel resources and training in digital networking, fundraising campaign management, including customized crowdfunding marketing and SEO to help green sites get better traffic.
Contact:  Marty Cendroski, Founder and CEO, (201) 232-1536>