The Quabbin Bioregion

Looking towards the Quabbin Reservoir

The University of the Wild is located on ancestral land of the Nipmuc Tribe. Evidence of this Earth-connected culture still stands at the Equinox Underground Chambers and within local archives. The blend of ancient stonework, meandering trails, and varied forest and open land, add to the sacredness of the Nipmuc/University of the Wild property. Early European settlers removed the primitive forest around 1730, but many of the Colonial-era trees that grew from the sprouts of the primitive forest stumps still remain today.

The open land in the campus is endowed with rich soil and geological formations where organic permaculture gardens and wildlife flourish. Just beyond the open land, a healthy northern hardwood forest shelters coyotes, raccoon, fox, rabbit, porcupine, bobcat, deer, and moose. Cardinal Brook meanders through the property on its way to the massive Quabbin Reservoir, Boston’s water supply. The property is surrounded by over 4,000 acres of protected open land and farmscapes and is located within the 3,100-acre Quabbin-to-Wachusett Corridor for wildlife protection, recreation, and environmental education.

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A debris hut – one-person emergency shelter

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Contributing to Earth’s Future

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