The ECLT is working with a range of supporters, founding partners, and funding entities to purchase the twenty-five (25) acre Whitney Place abutting Earthlands core property to take it out of private ownership and place it into a public land trust and restore its sustainable and regenerative practices.

“…the connection to this land, Earthlands, has brought me back again and again. I’m in support of this land trust so that no one man owns it, but it is accessible for all.”

David “Tall Pine” White, Nipmuk and Keeper of the Nipmuc Language

About the Whitney Place

Between 1993 and 2001, the Whitney Place was the Community Center of the Earthlands Community, since then the property has been owned by individuals and families aligned with the mission of Earthlands, to “live and learn in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life”. In the Spring of 2017, the Whitney property came on the market and the ECLT is moving into a position to purchase the entire property and place it into a public community land trust. The intention will be to create an eco-community on property, based on ecovillage principles and practices where a demonstration community can be established, permaculture practices can implemented, Earth-based education can take place, and Earthlands staff and guests can have residency.

The property is located on original Nipmuc Land and has been farmed for over 280 years under standard conventional agricultural practices. The land has over twenty (20) acres of open meadow and fields and is surrounded a healthy mixed forest that shelters a wide range of protected wildlife. The property is within the Quabbin to Wachusetts Open Space Protection Corridor and is surrounded by thousands of acres of State and Conservation protected land and far away from the hum of vehicles and the business of modern life. The Whitney, like the main Lodge and the John Seed Woods, lends itself well to deep personal reflection, community development, and self-directed learning with the Earth.

…the interest of Equity Trust in supporting permanent protection of Earthlands for use for sacred, educational, and community programs…help in their transition from private ownership…Earthlands would be eligible to apply for a loan…”

Jim Oldham, Executive Director, Equity Trust

…the Cooperative Development Instiute CDI is standing ready to assist with the conversion of Earthlands into a member-owned, democratically governed shared-services cooperative…”

Noemi Giszpenc, Executive Director, CDI

…interest and support of the conversion of the Earthlands Project into a cooperative…we could entertain an application to provide a loan to support the project…”

Rebecca Dunn, Executive Director, Cooperative Fund of New England.

…I believe some form of cooperative ownership/common land trust is the best option…collective ownership can engage those who want to continue their work at Earthlands…honor those who have been on the land the longest, the First Nations People of the Nipmuk Tribal Council.”

Bill Pfeiffer, Founder, Sacred Earth Network & Co-founder, Earthlands

…I have always held the remarkable vision of Earthlands…once again (I am) interconnected around the important work that is being called for in all places, urban and rural centers alike.”

Glynn Lloyd, Founder and CEO, City Fresh Foods, MA

…Earthlands is a different place…people come here to see and witness a dream worth living…”

Sparrow Hart, Founder, Mythic Warriors

…what separates us from nature? We need places like Earthlands so we can return to our natural connection.”

Paul Rezendes, Author & Tracker