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Special Message to Visitors to Our UofWild Website

University of the Wild’s response to Coronavirus/Covid-19

A Land-base to Create, Demonstrate and Implement Our Curriculum


Since the National Coronavirus Emergency issued on March 17th, we, at the UofWild have been tireless exploring new ways to continue our work of “living and learning in connection and harmony with the Earth and All Life”. We have made strides, like offering selected programs on-line; facilitating Zoom Calls; preparing new on-line and direct-experience credit courses; and probably most important, adding two new focuses to our offerings – Indigenous Studies Program and Earth-based Life Skills for food, shelter, and community.

To implement these new directions based on needs of the times, our attention is to secure a modest piece of original Earthlands property of 26.5 acres and place it in trust and have a location where our new curriculum can be demonstrated through a “hands-on” living & learning community living in-place with net zero ecological footprints, local food security, and an inspired and engaged intentional community of staff, students, and guests. Thank you for your consideration, UofWild Board Larry Buell, Lenore Anderson, & Anthony Brogno

The GOAL of the UofWild Land Share Program is $160,000, with $60,000 already Pledged CONTACT Dr. Larry Buell directly to discuss ways to meet the new GOAL of $100,000.

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Proposed site of New Center Design Map of the Land Wildcrafting for Local Food